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ESOL Levels

Epworth's Ana A. Brito Foundation's English as a Second Language program uses the third edition of the Ventures series. This series consists of six levels that take students from the basic level, where the learning process begins, to an intermediate higher level. Students who finish the series will be ready to continue their studies at the university level or other more advanced English studies.

The Ventures program (Cambridge English Language Learning) uses everyday issues such as health, education, home life, and the community. Each lesson emphasizes all areas necessary for language use such as writing, reading, grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.

During the semester we are offering the following levels of learning:

  • BASIC LEVEL- This level is for people starting from scratch, i.e. they know very little or no English.

  • LEVEL FIRST-This level is for people who have already gone through the basic level and can recognize and use short phrases and sentences.

  • SECOND LEVEL- This level is for people who have successfully passed  the level first: they have a broader   vocabulary and can write  some sentences and hold short conversations  in English.

  • THIRD LEVEL- This level is for people who have successfully passed the second level and can use English to communicate at work and/or with kid's teachers at school.

  • FOURTH LEVEL- This level is for people who have successfully passed the third level and feel more confident   in using the English language. This level prepares those who may want to pursue an education.

  • FIFTH LEVEL- This level is for people that have successfully passed the fourth level and are able to read, write and comprehend English without any difficulty. This class helps those who are pursuing academic advancements as well as a job in a professional field.

In addition to these levels, the  Foundation offers a mixed level class during the day. This is  a mixed class for people who are at a low intermediate level (level 2 and 3) and places more emphasis on conversation.

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