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Over 40% of the population in Gaithersburg describes itself as other than White. Latinos and Spanish speakers comprise over 24% of the population. Over 35% of Gaithersburg’s population is foreign-born and language other than English is spoken in over 48% of the homes. Also relevant is that over 24.2% of the population is under 18 years of age, higher than the State of Maryland’s 23.4%. Gaithersburg has not been immune to the financial challenges of the last few years.


 Gaithersburg is centrally located within an hour's drive of dozen colleges and Universities. These educational institutions are sources of instructors and mentors for the program  offered by the Foundation.















Many immigrants are not able to take advantage of the academic opportunities found in Montgomery County, as they lack basic language and other required skills. An analysis of the communities in the region demonstrated the vibrancy and growth potential of the community, but it also underscored the challenges that impact the immigrant community. By recognizing and understanding the opportunities and challenges of Gaithersburg, the need for the Foundation emerged. It is clear that the Foundation’s commitment to the community and Ana Brito’s pioneering programs are necessary to help  immigrants assimilate and improve their lives. The community is relying on these programs to help them successfully transition to be productive and contributing members of society.  Our programs bring measureable benefits to the community.

​Expand our vocabulary and helps our kids


“The ESOL program has expanded my vocabulary which has given me the opportunity to help my kids at home with their homework. Also the tutoring program offered to our kids while we attend the classes is a blessing for us.”


Gloria M



Self confidence and better communications skills


The Program has been a blessing for me, attending the English classes allows me to communicate myself better, specially when communicating with my kids’ teachers and visits to the Doctor. It also has helped me gain self-confidence and be a contributing member of my community."


Marcela Uberhuaga



Opportunity to learn a new language and computer skills in the same place


“It is essential for immigrants like us to learn the English language, but also learning computer skills to learn more and expand our knowledge is a blessing from the staff at Epworth.”

Emma V.



Self confidence and more opportunities


“With the English and Computer classes knowledge I can now work at home and also help me be self confident and give me and my famili more tools to go after  better job opportunities.”


Ana Sofia P.

Free ESOL & Computer Classes

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