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English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

The Foundation offers English classes to adult immigrants (free of charge) to help families bridge the first and second generation immigrant language gap that quickly develops as children acclimate to Montgomery County. There are different levels, ranging from Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced that meet twice per week. The management and faculty are made up of contract and volunteer staff members. Classes follow the Montgomery County Public School (MCPS) schedule and are open to all nationalities free of charge. Number of students enrolled per year range from 80-100. 

During the COVID19 pandemic, classes are held via ZOOM, the Video Conference tool used by many schools around the nation. 
To see a brief description of the class levels, follow the links below.

Students Typing at Their Computers


Adult Computer Classes

EAABF's Computer Program consists of a classroom of multiple computer stations with an hour and half classes meeting immediately following  the English classes. These classes are taught in English and Spanish due to the overwhelming number of students  who have limited command of the English language.

The computer program offers basic computer skills to familiarize  participants with the components of the computer, tools  to create documents and use of the internet.  Program emphasizes on programs such as MS Office 2013:


  • Word,

  • Excel and

  • PowerPoint


Additionally, the program teaches skills to facilitate connection with home countries via social media which helps to ease the transition process for new immigrants and maintain larger family support networks. 

Math Tutor


In order to prepare school-aged children to live and learn in Montgomery County, the program also offers tutoring sessions. The sessions offer after-school assistance with homework and other educational support that their non-English speaking parents may not be able to provide. While their parents attend ESOL  the children can receive the help they need to succeed in their school environment. Instruction supports the learning objectives of the Montgomery County Public School (MCPS) system.
Caring Child


Child Care / Parenting

Childcare is one of the very important components of this program because it enables mothers, particularly new immigrant mothers, to bring their children and attend  class uninterrupted. Women empowerment is extremely important for low income immigrant women often isolated due to childcare responsibilities.  Parenting workshops offered help to further develop this component. They help mothers, who are often the primary family leader, integrate into the overall community.

Checking Blood Pressure


Health and Wellness

A healthy community is an empowered community. In partnership with Adventist HealthCare, Montgomery County Health and Human Services and other health care providers in the area, the AABFI offers health and wellness education sessions, health screenings and other health related activities designed to "bringing health to the community and the community into health."  These programs are offered throughout the year.

 Scales of Justice


Civic and Legal Rights and Responsibilities

Immigration workshops and resource materials concerning legal rights and responsibilities  are offered to ensure appropriate assimilation in the United States. These programs help  newly arrived persons understand how to behave and conform in their new environment while integrating and becoming contributing members of society. Human Relationships Programs are offered to provide basic skills in interpersonal relationships and communications. Participants learn about cultural differences, how to solve potential conflicts and the boundaries of the legal system. These programs are offered throughout the year.

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